Smooth Leather Care Kit with Cleaner & Protector

Ideal for leather furniture or leather car seats.

Firstly, clean the leather thoroughly before refreshing the colour or applying care products. Use COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner against normal degrees of soiling or COLOURLOCK Strong Leather Cleaner in extreme cases (where the leather has been neglected for many years, for example classic cars languishing in garages and barns). Cleaning prior to the treatment prevents dirt sticking to the leather's surface when applying colour or care products. Our COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush effectively removes ingrained dirt.
For surface care, we recommend our COLOURLOCK Leather Protector. It contains antioxidants, which stops the leather's decay, and its UV filters protect the leather surface from colour fading and will make the leather soft and supple once more.

The kit is usually sufficient to treat a complete car interior or set of furniture multiple times. The Cleaner should only be used on soiled areas, while the Protector should be applied to all surfaces. In the event of extreme soiling, a larger amount of Cleaner might be necessary, but this is very rare.


Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour!

COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaner

The Leather Cleaner gently cleans all kinds of smooth leather. Apply Cleaner to the Cleaning Sponge and press some foam out of it. Clean the leather and remove dirty foam with a slightly moistened cloth.

COLOURLOCK Leather Protector

Use COLOURLOCK Leather Protector as soon as the leather has dried after cleaning or colour refreshment, ideally on the following day. Apply with a soft cloth and let dry without polishing. One application is sufficient. Strained surfaces (heavy use or in sunlit areas) should be treated every three months. Clean first to avoid dirt or stains.

These products are also suitable for "Cool Leather/SRT (SunReflective Technology) Leather"!

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October 16, 2015 00:00

Excellent - five stars!

I bought this kit after a bit of research and was surprised at how good the cleaner is. The cream worked a treat on my leather settee whilst maintaining the matt look I was looking for. The leather feels softer already.I will be using this for my car seats and other accessories. All in all a great kit, well priced ...would gladly recommend.

February 7, 2022 00:00

Bring back plush feel

This brough back my leather from a dried out, flat feeling to plushy with some shape to it. When you first apply, it has a sheen to it but goes away the next day as soon as the leather absorbs it. It also lets you know when you put too much as ilthe leather rejects it and the liquid starts to streak. And knowing that it has protectant gives me a little peace of mind

March 6, 2020 00:00


Did exactly what it promised and what I wanted it for. I hate leather steering wheels that have gone shiny from skin oils - cleaned the wheel up to as new condition - recommend this product!

November 3, 2018 00:00


Bought it as a gift for my brother's 2006 Porsche that has leather seats. This kit has brought back it's original shine! He said it was easy to use and that it's a great product.

January 9, 2017 00:00

Brilliant product range

I have tried products from another UK company, and Colourlock is by far the best.Application is easy.The finish is excellent.There are online videos that offer help and guidance.

February 11, 2016 00:00

leather cleaning, really works

works great cleans leather as it states.

December 19, 2021 00:00

top product

did it on the seats of E350 MBenz, cleaner works well, had to change the water about 10 times , you dont realize how dirty until you start cleaning. creme was put on the next day and you have to go sparingly and spread it evenly... long job if you do it right. results looks like new except where cracked or damaged of course. small kit will do a big car easily.

October 7, 2018 00:00

Excellent product

Very good product. It does what it suppose to do. My steering wheel and shift knob really needed the help and this took care of it. Very simple to use and the results are immediately.

August 6, 2016 00:00


This stuff is amazing! Very little effort needed to clean my 10 year old beige leather interior. My seats look brand new. I did need the scrub brush that is sold separately, the sponge in the box wasn't good enough for the heavy dirt.

January 28, 2017 00:00

A must if you have light coloured leather car seats

This is the best leather cleaner I have tried and I have tried most of them. If you have light coloured leather car seats that are looking a bit grubby then use this it brings them up like new.

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Leather Shield
Application area: New smooth leather, pigmented or surface-coloured leather in cars, furniture, jackets and handbags. Do not use on porous leathers, suede, or nubuck. Application Always test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.Moisten a terry cloth slightly with COLOURLOCK Leather Shield, lightly wipe the moistend cloth over the leather and let dry. Do not buff or polish immediately after application. One application is sufficient. Repeat every three months on strained surfaces or heavily used areas. Prior to application, clean off any dirt with COLOURLOCK Mild or Strong Leather Cleaner.These products are also suitable for "Cool Leather/SRT (SunReflective Technology) Leather"!
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