How to remove pressure marks and creases in leather

Leather sometimes gets pressure marks or creases. Pressure marks happen when leather is wrongly stored or a heavy and/or sharp object has been putting pressure on the leather for some time. Also the sitting area of furniture or car seats can get creases and deformations as the surface gets stretched. Improperly stored leather clothing can become wrinkled.


To remove pressure marks, the leather surface can be heated with a hair dryer or heat gun. Then try to remove the pressure mark by massaging the leather. Push and roll the leather from all sides to try to bulge and lift the pressure mark. Also cool down rapidly the area after heating with a cold iron or cooling element. Both methods can be tried in parallel. The work is easier if the back is free and you can push from behind. The longer the pressure was applied for, the harder it is to get the pressure mark removed. If the time was too long the fibres are already irreversibly deformed. The leather is then embossed. Pressure marks cannot be removed with a product. Always expect only an improvement, but not a complete disappearance.


Seat areas of cars and furniture can get deformed and creased. Also wrongly stored leather clothing can become wrinkled. 

Deformations in seat areas cannot be removed. Even if there is an improvement, the deformations will return after a short period of use. By loading the leather it buckles always in same areas. Also the padding underneath gets softer. The fibres in the leather are overstretched over and over again and compressed at such areas and after a lot of repetitions, they cannot return to their original position. It’s comparable to a crumpled paper, which cannot be completely smoothed again by ironing. The creases will always be recognisable. Neither a product nor a simple trick can remove those wrinkles and deformations. To a certain extent this patina belongs to leather upholstery. But strong, striking folds do not embellish older leather.

Only saddlers and upholsterers might be able to remove such damages through upholstery work. Wrinkled leather clothing can be improved with stretching and heating with a hair dryer. If this doesn’t work, washing or dry cleaning may solve the problem.

Such deformations are normal in the seat area of older cars

Strong pressure mark over a longer period. No warranty to get it removed

Such deformation is not nice, but can occur on leather

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