WALTHER PILOT Mini Spray Gun 1.5 mm Nozzle
The PILOT MINI is a very light and easy-to-use spray gun. It is made of high-grade plastic and is primarily for spraying small parts and objects as well as retouching and decorative jobs. This spray gun features stainless steel wetted parts so water-borne materials and aggressive media can be sprayed without any problems. There are a large selection of nozzle sizes for a variety of applications. The ergonomic grip ensures that the gun lies comfortably in your hand. The economical medium-pressure model guarantees a particularly high transfer efficiency.Weight: 295 g, Material pressure: max. 8 bar Gravity-feed cup 125 cc with filter 200 Mesh Material connection • Siphon-feed cup

Quick Coupling for Airbrush

SATAgraph 4 Repair kit - Spare part repair kit
All of the following components are available only in this set:S007 O-ring for nozzke headS009 Valve bodyS010 Valve rodS011 Spring for air valveS012 Air valve packingS013 Air valve screwS015 Internal paint needle packing screwS017 Needle guidewayS018 Paint needle springS019 Adjustment screw for spring tensionS020 Nut for needle fixingS025 O-ring for nozzle head

Particle Filter 1 pair