How to clean and protect snake leather

Snakeskin is exotic leathers and is not widespread. Due to the particularity of the leather surface, note the following: Snakeskin is usually very stable leather, but the scales are sensitive. Damage should be avoided because snakeskin in most cases cannot be repaired. Often, the friction against the grain make the scales stand-up over time and this cannot be reversed. We recommend taking extreme care during cleaning and application of care products to avoid friction against the grain.


Wipe stains with a slightly damp cloth. Not too wet! Also, do not work too wet with leather cleaners.

To protect and care the leather, we recommend COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver. It is a synthetic fat that gently nourishes and protects the leather from drying. Synthetic fats prevent mold and mildew growth and also waterproofs the leather. Therefore, synthetic greases are suitable preservatives for durable leather articles

Wipe some Leather Preserver into a soft cloth and care the leather in direction of the scales. Not against the grain! This facilitates the work and protects the surface.

Important! Maintain regularly and apply the product sparingly! Due to the roughness of the surface too much applied fat can make the surface sticky. Treat the leather two to four times a year and remember to use the Leather Preserve sparingly. If the leather is used often, we recommend more treatments with minimal use of product per year as opposed to one treatment per year and high application of the preserve.

In porous and / or rough surfaces or in very old and dry leathers we recommend to care with COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector. The advantage of the Aniline Protector is that it is a re-oiling spray and is therefore evenly applied without mechanical stress on the surface. Important! Maintain regularly and apply the product sparingly and do not overdose!

Snakeskin is beautiful and exotic leather, but not suitable for bad weather. Therefore, avoid using in rainy days or snowy conditions. If this risk cannot be avoided, we also recommend protecting with COLOURLOCK Waterproofing for Leather & Textiles. Nevertheless, the leather remains sensitive to moisture. Water repellents are only an improvement, but not a full protection against moisture.

Important for any cleaning and maintenance: Always test before in a hidden area!

Recommended products

Elephant Leather Preserver 125 ml
Ideal for the care of leather which is exposed to the weather, or for conserving extremely dry or antique leather.Designed for treating genuine "Pull Up" furniture leather (oiled leather). Do not use on Bycast or polyurethane-coated (PU) leather.ApplicationAlways test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.Rub some preserver onto a clean, soft piece of cloth and apply to the leather. If required, use the cloth to give a final polish. The fat is difficult to use when it’s cold, so be sure to work at room temperature or warm it slightly with a hair dryer.COLOURLOCK Elephant Leather Preserver protects and waterproofs all types of nappa leather.

Aniline Protector Spray Pump
The Aniline & Suede Protector is a care product with a complex UV-filters and antioxidants. It protects absorbent leather (Nubuck, Suede, Buffalo and Aniline Leather) from fading by sun and drying out. Regular care increases the gloss and lifespan of your leather.Amount: 200 ml

Waterproofing Leather & Textile, 200 ml, Aerosol Spray
The Waterproofing Spray is a gentle anti-stain protection for sensitive nubuck and suede leather as well as textiles. Available in 200 ml and 500 ml cans. Areas of application: Garments, shoes, cushions, bags, saddles, tents etc.ApplicationAlways test any products first on a hidden area in case they affect the colour.Spray on a clean and dry surface horizontally, from a distance of approx. 40 cm, thinly and evenly. Allow to dry. For heavily strained surfaces repeat as necessary. It should also be reapplied after cleaning. Apply according to instructions and warnings on the label.Important: The waterproofing will not make absorbent leather fully water-resistant. It increases protection, but the surfaces nevertheless have to be treated gently.
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